Photoshop: How to Curl Corners

White SchoolHouse Painting

White SchoolHouse Painting

Here’s another trick for saving those photos you like, but that aren’t quite up to snuff.

Turn them into ART!

The photo above started as a “snapshot” of a rather mildew-infested old white schoolhouse. Rather than spend hours trying to restore the building’s clapboard surfaces, the application of a Photoshop filter, “Colored Pencil” turns this into a nifty art scene.

Add a stylish signature and a copy of your painterly arm and voila! It’s a masterpiece in minutes!

For a bit more “realism” I added a Photoshop curled-corner affect and some shadows.

All in all, a quick fix that saved this digital photo from the trash can. Best of all, you can keep these simple tricks on hand to save all kinds of photos. Maybe create your own line of greeting cards or posters or postcards. Or hold your own gallery event, or auction, or sell your masterpiece on eBay or Craigslist.

Starving artist? I think not!

Drag out one of those photos that you’re on the fence about. Save it from oblivion.

Here’s  a nice simple tutorial that shows how to make that “Curled Corner” effect:

Below, is a great new resource for creating great photographic art with or without Photoshop…”Trick Photography and Special Effects”

See why folks are loving this “look-behind-the-magic-curtain”.  Just click the eBook link below…