More Creative Photography Resources

The internet is a vast and wonderful resource for creative inspiration.

Through free photo sharing sites like Flickr and SmugMug, through the free search capabilities of Google Images, and through countless specialized forums and social media sites like Facebook, there are millions of photos available for viewing. For inspiration.

Mostly, the tips and tricks that went into creating those photos are not readily available. And when they are, they’re  not always free.

However, there are programs, tutorials and courses which are very affordable.  Most of them really do pay for themselves if you sell your photographs in any way. And, if you don’t sell your work for profit, the personal satisfaction you’ll get from creating great art will more than justify the cost.

As a side note, I was wandering around a furniture store the other day (my wife’s idea, not mine!) and I left just slack-jawed at the prices they were charging for wall art. Many near $500 for a 16×20 with a splash of color. How much better we can all do, for much less, when we put our creative photography on display! (sorry for the detour)

So, on this page I’ll be posting links to websites or products that I find have a wealth of valuable information or tools you can use to profit in your photographic endeavors. All will have been websites I personally visited and found to be useful, some I will have liked so much I bought the product and chose to become an affiliate because they were so good.

So have a look around now and pop back often to look for additions as I update.


The Photoshop Recipe Cards book is the BEST reference book anyone can have by their computer. Simple Photoshop tips, tricks and secret shortcuts have you editing photos like the pros in no time at all. Honestly, I couldn’t have assembled this website and the photo tutorials shown without it.

PS: Makes a great gift idea to give yourself or your favorite photographer!


Scott Voelker offers the perfect solution for beginning photographer’s who need to separate and distinguish themselves from the crowd. He offers a great solution for photographers looking to add a new profit center to their existing business. If you’ve ever considered turning your love of photography into a PROFITABLE business, this is just the quick and easy start you need…



Amy Renfrey is a photographer who I have followed for years. Finally, she has put together a fantastic program for beginning digital photographers. Her simple and direct style make it easy for anyone to become a better photographer in no time at all. The lessons are simple, but their effect on your photography will be huge.

How To Take The Most Breathtaking, Brilliant And Incredibly Stunning Photos Every Single Time You Press The Shutter Button In 7 Days Or Less …Even If You Know Nothing About Photography And You’ve Never Used A Digital Camera Before


Joe Marshall is a lighting pro extraordinaire. In this program, he’s teamed up with Scott Voelker and put together fantastic tutorials that are sure to take your photography to the next level. His professional lighting tips, tricks, and secret techniques are a wealth of information only a career pro could offer. When you really know you’re stuff you can explain it and show it simply… and that’s exactly what Joe does! Discover what lights to buy, and which to avoid. Learn how to get the most from the lighting you do have. This is a must have resource for any serious photographer

EZ Flash Photography Workshop


Here’s a free catalog of creative scenes and backgrounds used by Scott Voelker in his photography business. Get some great ideas for your photo portfolio or simply as a sample preview for his business program (NewPortraitBiz)

Great ideas for children’s portraits and high school seniors…

Digital Backgrounds Creative Portrait Guide


Create Your Very Own Digital Photo Cube!

What a great way to show off your photos…up to 27 at once! Here’s a simple tutorial that uses Photoshop (any version) to paste your photos into a “Rubic’s Cube” style photo display. With 9 photos per side you can really show off your work in a rather unique way.

( My forum friends…Thank Evie! … share lots of great free tips like these.  If you’d like information on how you too can become a member of this private forum, just send an email to me at:


Trick Photography and Special Effects is a  resource I highly recommend if you’re ready to get started right now adding creativity and style to your work…