DIY Simple Photo Envelopes

DIY Photo Envelopes from

DIY Photo Envelopes: Fun for All Ages!

Looking for a fun way to share your great photos?

Looking for a fun way to WOW! your friends?

Send them a letter or quick note in your own, customized envelope …made from YOUR photos!

This is a great way to add a personal touch to all your communications. Everyone loves to get personal mail (as opposed to all the bills and ads we normally get!)

And what better way to make it personal than to send it in an envelope you create yourself!

This is a very simple project. It works best if you have Photoshop (any version will do). But with the template, you can create your own envelopes out of anything…even pages torn from a magazine!

Here’s the template:

Envelope Template from

Envelope Template (8.5 x 11)

Feel free to print it out for your own use or reference. (Use: right-click, Save Image As) Print it out full size to print on standard 81/2 x 11 paper. You might want to check your envelope dimensions against those on the template to insure accurate sizing.

You can then lay this template over any existing photo you have, or any magazine photo to create your own custom envelope.

If you want to use your own digital photos, I have included a download link here where you can get the Photoshop Envelope Template I created.

Here’s the link to the Photoshop Layers Template:

(the PS Envelope Template File is 78.93 MB)

Once downloaded and opened, you’ll simple drag your desired photo into that Photoshop Template, and use FREE TRANSFORM to position and size your photo.

All the layers and guides are marked for you so there’s no guessing. Simple replace my photo layer with yours. Better still, leave my layers as reference, but turn them off and put your photo into position just above.

Once you have your photo envelope looking good, print it out in color or B/W on your printer. Cut, fold, glue and you’re done!

Be sure to get the kids involved too! Teach them there’s more than just email!

Send a note to grandma or grandpa, they’ll love it! Create one with your child’s favorite photo and send them a note…kids LOVE to get personal mail!

Great for business lead generation, thank you cards, weddings, special events, holiday cards!

Once you do one or two, you’ll be turning all your best photos into custom envelopes.

If you need quantities printed, simply save your file as a jpg and take it to your local printer. Then, you’ll just have to cut and close.

Its a great family fun project for all ages.

(You can always unfold any envelope to create your own template too.)

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