by Robert Schwarztrauber

Want to discover the secret behind all those crazy and clever images you see everyday on posters, ads, billboards, and across the internet?

Better still, want to know how YOU can create that same kind of image  – and make your friends froth with envy at your amazing new skill?

It has been said that people need recognition and praise for a healthy mind as much as they need vitamins for a healthy body. I tend to believe that’s true. How much better we all feel when we’ve done something well and been recognized for it.

“Good job!”  “Nice work!” “That’s amazing!”  It’s like music to my ears to hear that.


Fortunately, as photographers, we’re able to do that on a regular basis.

Digital photography has made it even easier. We can create our own blogs and Facebook pages and groups. We can enter contests online, both public and through private forums. We can post our photos on Flickr and SmugMug and a host of other free photo sharing sites. Offline we can exhibit our work at galleries, in restaurants, and in regional art shows. Maybe we just want to create some great art for our homes or apartments …and amaze our own circle of friends.

The opportunity for recognition and praise has never been greater or easier to obtain. And the potential to earn money with your talents is pretty nice too!

As an amateur photographer, hobbyist, or professional you have the power to amaze and delight at the click of a button. I’ll show you simple,  creative photography tricks, that will instantly draw ooooh’s! and ahhhh’s! from all who gaze upon your work.

Forget the boss who always puts you down. Forget everyone who doesn’t give you the recognition you deserve. Take on the power that creative photography gives you and your life will never be the same again!

Step into the world of creative photography…

Come behind the scenes with me now.

Learn the secrets and earn the praise you deserve!

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